Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Giveaway WINNER!

The winner of the Valentine's Giveaway is Alexa Call!

I loved reading the cute love stories that were sent in and it was so hard to choose a winner but Alexa won me over with her unique way of telling her love story. I loved how simple it was and so cute at the same time. Alexa, email at to claim your free session!

Here is Alexa's story:

Please meet us:

I'm Lex. He's Brian.
We're in love.

We met August 21 at the pool.
Our electricity had gone out for the day while a friend and I were in Salt Lake.
When we got back, it was pretty hot in the apartment, so we went to the pool to cool down.
There we met some good lookin' men who were at the grill cookin'.
One of which was Brian. We talked for four and a half hours.
Pretty sure I fell in love with his blue eyes then.

He’s from New York.
He has a cute NY accent and says things like seeeer-up, potata, care-a-mel,
and pa-jaw-mas. Sometimes I like to mock him, but only because I think its cute.
I love cheesecake and country music. He hates both.
He loves food, probably more than I do.
He also knows how to cook, amazingly well,
which is probably why I make him cook for me 
almost everyday since the first day I met him.

We became fast friends.
September 16th we went on our first date:
Miniature golf (due to the fact that I had bragged about my “amazing skills” 
earlier that week, and no, I did not prove myself well), Olive garden, 
and a picnic dessert while star gazing.

He held my hand.

We like to sing to songs on the radio.
He lets me choose the station, unless it’s country of course.
We’ll wear color coordinating outfits to church on Sunday accidentally.
He laughs at my jokes, even when they’re really stupid,
and we eat ice cream together right out of the carton.

We have water fights every time we wash the dishes.
Sometimes he finishes my sentences.
He brings me daisies when the sky is gray.
I take pictures. He plays guitar.

Now, we're best friends.
When he smiles, I smile.

We're sealing the deal July 1st
and couldn't be any happier.


thanks for letting us play!

I hope everyone has a good Valentine's Day!


miss lex: said...

THANK YOU! we're thrilled!!

Amy said...

You won't be disappointed with this darling couple!! Have fun photographing them and all of their cute-ness!!