Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brett & Hannah Wedding

These two were so much fun! Hannah is from England and has that irresistible british accent and humor. Plus there were only seven weddings at the Salt Lake Temple this day so we basically had the grounds to ourselves.


Michelle and Cisco said...

These pictures look amazing! I love them. What a beautiful wedding.

LauraJane Burke said...

Capture the moment.
Some try - you do! :D
Hannah is my niece - thanks for capturing the beauty of the day - especially as I couldn't be there to witness it for myself :)

Dresden said...

This wedding was gorgeous! The pictures are amazing! I wish I knew you when I was getting married. GREAT JOB!

Sazzle Snaps said...

I have just been introduced to your work because I know the Carr family! I just love everything about these photos, they are so incredibly beautiful!